Top 10 Small Business Ideas

The freedom of working for yourself and owning your own business is something many dream about, and it’s easy to see why. The ability to set your own hours and rate of pay offers a flexibility no standard job could ever provide, but trying to think of a good small and easy business idea can prove a little difficult.

We’ve put together this list of our top 10 small business ideas to help you get started. Keep reading to kickstart your journey to self-employment.

Top 10 small business ideas

If you can’t take your current career and transform it into your own small business, or are just looking to start fresh with a new opportunity, we’ve got you covered with this small business idea list:

1.     Cleaning company

This is one of the easiest business ideas to set up and conduct on your own. It has low upfront costs; you’ll just need to purchase basic cleaning supplies and equipment to begin and have access to your own form of transport to get you from job to job.

You can either choose to go down the residential or commercial route with this. If you’re looking to just go residential, create flyers and advertise around your local community. For commercial buildings, you may need to get in contact with individual businesses, but be aware that many already have their own contract cleaners.

2.     Painter decorator

If you’re handy with a paintbrush and can complete a range of decorating jobs to a high standard, a painter decorator may be one of the best small business ideas for you. It’s a relatively well-paid role that’s simple to start and has very low entry requirements. You’ll just need basic decorating materials to begin such as brushes, sheets, rollers, etc and your own form of transport. It’s a good idea to take out tradesman insurance too.

The best way to get started with this small business idea is to list yourself on sites such as Checkatrade. You’ll get to bid for jobs and once you’ve been accepted and completed them, you’ll get reviews, which is a simple yet great way to build your client base.

3.     Pet carer

We’re a nation of pet lovers so naturally, demand is high for quality pet carers. If you’re an animal lover and have experience of looking after pets, this could be a great easy business idea. There’s a number of routes you can go with this such as pet sitting, where you go to their homes to care for their pets during the day whilst they’re at work or sometimes, you may need to stay there whilst they’re on holiday. If you’d rather spend time outdoors, dog walking may suit you better. Or, if your home is suitable you could look at setting up your own pet day care. It’s a good idea to have an animal first aid qualification and you should have relevant insurance in place too.

4.     Tutor

If you’re well versed on a subject and love to teach, you could set up your own tutoring business. It’s remarkably easy to get started and you can choose to do it online via video call sessions or in person. Apps like TutorMe are a great place to start and you could also look at partnering with local schools and advertising in your local community.

5.     Delivery driving

Demand for delivery driving just seems to keep increasing, so if you’re looking for a really easy business idea, this could be a great place to start. You’ll obviously need a driving license and a suitable vehicle, which if you’re only planning on doing small deliveries, you could do with a normal car. However, a van will be a much more suitable option as you’ll be able to fit and handle more deliveries.

The easiest way to kickstart this career is by researching delivery driver contracts or contacting local businesses.

6.     Window cleaning

Window cleaning is now an essential role for many homes and businesses and remarkably, one of the easiest small businesses you can start. Firstly, learn the basics of window cleaning and purchase the equipment necessary (ladders, cleaning equipment, a van will likely be necessary to transport you and the equipment from job to job too). Then, get some flyers printed and start distributing them around your local community. You can also look at posting ads on community Facebook groups too.

7.     Personal trainer

If you’re an exercise or health fanatic, becoming a personal trainer may fit you well. You can either work one to one or in a group with your clients and help them reach their health and exercise goals. Be aware that it’s a very competitive market and you’ll need to get certified and have relevant qualifications, as well as first aid training. Additionally, if you’re going to be hosting your sessions somewhere, you’ll need to find a location to rent which you may want to partner with a local gym for.

8.     Freelancer

For those with a particular skillset, taking it freelance could be a quick and easy business idea. Usually, you can do most of these jobs from the comfort of your own home and a few examples of freelance careers are: writer, transcriber, designer, illustrator, web developer or marketing consultant.

9.     Hair stylist/dresser

If you’re a qualified hairdresser or just love working with hair and are willing to study for the relevant qualifications, this could be one of the best small business ideas for you! It’s relatively easy to go at it alone and you can either choose to take it mobile and go to people’s homes, hire a chair at a salon or if you have the money, set up your own salon. Additionally, if you’re looking to go down the styling route you can cater for weddings and special events too.

10. Franchisee

Want the freedom of setting up your own small business but want extra support along the way, as well as a tried and proven business model? Becoming a Franchisee might be ideal. There’s loads of franchises you can become a part of, including everything from the fast-food industry to catering and even health and beauty!

If you’re a great communicator and can facilitate well between clients and accountants, we have a great franchise opportunity here at SixtyFour8. Check out our franchise opportunity page to learn more.

That’s our list of top 10 small business ideas! Want more essential accounting advice for small businesses? Take a look at our guide, next.